What is iLab?

iLab is dedicated to the proposition that online laboratories – real laboratories accessed through the Internet – can enrich science and engineering education by greatly expanding the range of experiments that students are exposed to in the course of their education. Unlike conventional laboratories, iLab can be shared across a university or across the world. The iLab’s vision is to share expensive equipment and educational materials associated with lab experiments as broadly as possible within higher education and beyond.

  • Minimize development and management effort for users and providers of remote labs.
  • Provide a common set of services and development tools.
  • Scale to large numbers of users worldwide.
  • Allow multiple universities with diverse network infrastructures to share remote labs.

Who Can Use iLAB?

Currently, iLab can only be used by students who are enrolled in online courses.

How to use iLab?

In order to use iLab you have to follow the information below:

1. Please fill out and submit the form below to Mr. Tayfun Altuntas at

iLAB account Request Form.

2.Download and install 2 software needed for iLab;

  • VPN client
    Important:In order to access the VPN software download,a valid Webmail account is required.

    1.Go to

    2.Click on the dropdown menu next to “Group” and select students

    3.Type your webmail credentials into username and password field.


    4. If you get “In order to properly use the ActiveX control, be sure to click Yes on the security pop up window” warning message click on Yes to proceed with download


    5.Click on Download to download the VPN software.


    6.If automatic download fails, use the Windows7/Vista/64/XP link to download the VPN manually.


    7.Click on Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client icon.

    8.Type and click on Connect.


    9.Click on the dropdown menu next to “Group” and select students.Type your username and password and  click on OK.


    10.You will see VPN connected screen.


  • Vmware Horizon View Client(follow the instructions below to install View Client)

VMware Horizon View Client Installation Guide (Windows)

(Please note: The steps in this document must be followed exactly as shown in order to ensure a proper installation.)

Requirements: You must have an existing internet connection in order to access VMware View (it is highly recommended that your Internet connection is Broadband or DSL – VMware View is not designed to work with dial‐up access).

1. Open your web browser and browse to “

2. Click on “Continue to this website(not recommended)”link


3. Click on “Install VMware Horizon View Client” link. You can also choose to use VMware Horizon View HTML Access which will let you access iLab through a web browser. It is recommended to access iLab by VMware Horizon view Clients for smoother connection. Please see at the end of the guide for instructions on how to use iLab through HTML Access.


4. Depending on your Operating system version click on “Vmware Horizon View Clients for 32-bit Windows or Vmware Horizon View Clients for 64-bit Windows Go to Downloads link”


5. Click on “Download” link to start the download


6. Click “Save” to download the file to your computer.


7. Save the file on your Desktop to locate it easily for installation.


8. Double‐Click the downloaded Vmware Horizon View software file to start the installation.

9. Click “Run” to run the installation.


10. Click “Next” on the Welcome screen


11. Click “I accept…” and “Next” on the License Agreement screen


12. On the Custom Setup screen, accept the default options and click “Next


13. On the Default Server screen, type and click “Next


14.Uncheck all options on the Enhanced Single Sign On screen and click “Next


15. Click “Next” on the Configure Shortcuts screen.


16.Click “Install” on the Ready to Install the Program screen.


17.Once the installation completes you will see Installer completed screen.


18.If prompted, click on Yes to restart the computer to complete the installation.


19.To start a connection to VMware Horizon View, Double‐Click on the VMware Horizon View Client icon on your desktop.

20. In the Connection window, make sure the Connection Server name is and click the “Connect” button


21. If prompted, click “Continue” on the certificate message box.


22.At the logon screen, enter the username and password provided to you, make sure the Domain dropdown shows “CS-ILAB” and click the “Login” button.


23. At the first logon you will prompted to change your password. Click on OK to proceed to password change.


24. Try to create a strong password which you can remember.


25. You will get an information screen once your password is updated. Click on OK to proceed.


26. Click on Connect and your virtual machine will load up.


You are now connected to a VMware Horizon View desktop. Please refer to the VMware Horizon View User Guide for instructions on how to use VMware View. If you have any trouble, please send an e‐mail to

VMware Horizon View HTML Access

1. Click on VMware Horizon View HTML Access


2. At the logon screen, enter the username and password provided to you, make sure the Domain dropdown shows “CS-ILAB” and click the “Login” button.


3. Click on the Machine Pool.


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