Networking & E-Commerce Lab – B302

This is a specialized lab where students are instructed in the hands on approach of configuring the systems required to develop network solutions. This lab is located in the basement of Becton Hall, Room 302.

The lab is open to students enrolled in courses in specific Computer Science topics offered by the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering. Classes are held in this lab as scheduled by the faculty.

All Students who need extra time to use this lab, outside of classes, have to sign in and submit their Student IDs to the Lab Assistant in room 304. The Lab hours for this lab are similar to that of the general purpose lab.

Some of the equipment in B302

32 ThinkCentre  All in One Workstations (Core i7 CPU, 4GB RAM/ea)
6 Cisco 2950 24-Port Switches
2 Cisco 3750 Switches (24 and 48 Ports)
8 Cisco 2611XM Routers
1 Cisco 2811 Router (VoIP Capable)
1 Cisco 5510 ASA (Firewall)
2 Quintum VoIP/Analog Appliances
2 Compaq Servers converted into firewalls running OpenBSD
2 HP ML110 Servers running a recent Linux flavor
6 Cisco Wireless Access Points (PoE)
12 Cisco Aironet 802.11A/B/G Wireless PCI Adapters

The lab also features an isolated, internal network (that terminates on Rack1) to protect FDU’s network infrastructure from inadvertent traffic being used in laboratory experiments, study and assignments.

Picture gallery

Photos from this lab can be found here.

Fall and Spring schedule

Mon-Thur: 10am -11pm
Fri-Sun: 10am – 5pm

Problems and suggestions

If you have any problems and/or suggestions regarding the lab please address them to School’s Laboratory Director, Mr. Tayfun Altuntas by calling 201-692-2288 or emailing at

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